Balance Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Balance Digital Weight Scale Review

In an effort to meet your health goals, a weight scale is going to be an important tool to track your progress. The Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale may be the perfect option you’ve been searching for.

As you go through our review, we’ll be talking a little more about the features of the Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, and we’ll also give you a summary of what people who have purchased the weight scale had to say about their overall experience using it.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by Balance

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this weight scale is something you should consider purchasing for your own bathroom!

About The Product

The Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale has been designed with elegance and practicality in mind. The unit was designed for everyday use without being overly complicated to set up. All you have to do is take it out of the box, set it on hard flooring, and step on.

The sleek tempered glass platform has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, making it a great tool for people at any stage in their weight loss journey.

Notable features of the Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale include:

  • Extra-Large backlit LED screen
  • Self-calibrates automatically
  • Auto-shut off
  • Non-slip, scratch-resistant feet
  • 4 weighing sensors to give a reading +/- 0.2 pound
  • Large tempered glass platform
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Once you step onto the scale, the unit will turn on automatically and the backlit LCD screen will show your results within .2 of a pound. Once you step off of the scale, the unit will turn off on its own, prolonging the lift of the two CR2032 batteries that are included with the scale.

To get such an accurate reading, the scale features four self-calibrating weighing sensors that work together to give you your weight. The scale also features non-slip, scratch resistant feet that are crucial for keeping you safe while weighing yourself should the flooring be wet, but they will also protect the floor from scratches, too.

What People Had To Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, we were impressed by all the positive reviews left by happy customers. These individuals revealed that upon taking the scale out of the box, they were able to activate the batteries and receive an accurate reading each time they stepped on it.

There was no need to calibrate the scale because it did the calibration automatically. To prove the scale’s accuracy, one customer included a photo of their scale with a 20 pound weight on it. The scale’s display showed 20 pounds exactly.

Other customers commented on the overall sleek design and the functionality of the scale. These folks enjoyed how nice the scale looks and that they can slide it across the floor without having to recalibrate the scale.

Several people commented on the company’s customer service, stating that they reach out to the consumer with a follow up email, where they provided information and contact information for the company. Customers found this very useful and a pleasant bonus.

Although most of the reviews for this scale were positive, there were a few people who were not happy with the scale for one reason or another. Of these critical reviews, customers were disappointed at the inconsistency of their particular scale.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by Balance

One person said there was as much as a 20 pound differential each time they would use the scale. Some have said that their scales give a significantly lower weight, even after zeroing the scale several times.

Other concerns customers had about the scale was that because the scale had a glass top, it was slippery when you stepped on it. These people said they would return this unit for one without a slick glass top. Some customers reported that you needed to have a very hard flooring, like concrete, in order to get an accurate reading. 

Another customer reported that the batteries that came with the scale died within two weeks—this person recommended foregoing the batteries included and using a reliable brand instead.

Our Recommendation

Weighing yourself is something that not many people enjoy doing—especially when you feel like you’re losing weight and the moment you step on the scale you realize you hadn’t lost as much as you thought.

But, the reality is that in order to keep track of your weight, you’re going to need a bathroom scale like the Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale in your home. With a scale like this, you’ll be able to get an accurate reading time and time again, thanks to its self-calibrating weight sensors.

We like this particular scale because it has a high weight capacity and it will give you an accurate reading within .2 of a pound the moment you step on the scale. While it is true that some people have had accuracy problems with the scale, we found that these cases were rare and it is not a common problem.

Perhaps the thing we like the most about this scale is the customer service. Unlike other companies, if you have a problem with a product and leave a poor review of it, the company who offers the Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale will reach out to you and try to remedy the problem.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by Balance in the bathroom.

This speaks very highly about the company and it shows that they value their customers and will do whatever they can to make sure the consumer is satisfied.

When you want a no-frills bathroom scale that looks sleek and provides an accurate reading, then this is a great scale to consider. While it may not have all the bells and whistles as other bathroom weight scales, this unit is the perfect option for those who just want to monitor their weight and nothing more.

Our Rating

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